Orthopedic Consultation

Orthopedic is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal (muscles, spine, bones, and joints) problems. It involves the correction of deformities or functional impairments of the skeletal system, especially the extremities and the spine, and associated structures, as muscles and ligaments.

Pain is often a symptom of an underlying condition, but the degree of pain may not necessarily be an indication of the severity of the condition. Without proper treatment, there is a risk of the condition progressing and causing more problems.

It is best to consult our specialists for a detailed diagnosis and recommendation of the right treatment options.

An Orthopedic consultation is recommended for people who face the following symptoms:

  • Chronic muscles or joint pain
  • Deformed joints
  • Difficulty in standing up straight due to back pains
  • Bone injuries
  • Swelling around the joints or a bone injury